Reviews and Testimonials

Contacting English Elephant is the best way to gain confidence that this tuition suits the needs of the individual concerned. It is crucial that students feel comfortable and confident when working with a one-to-one tutor. However, below are testamonials from colleagues, parents and students regarding Kim, the English Elephant tutor.

Mrs S Mabbett, Parent and Associate Assistant Headteacher:

I have worked with Kim in a professional capacity for over a decade, and employ her as an 11 plus tutor for my child.  As a colleague, I witnessed first-hand her innovative and engaging lessons.  In her role as a line manager, she was personable, knowledgeable and inspirational. As a classroom teacher, she showed dedication, conscientiousness, passion and was professional at all times.  My child finds her to be patient and an excellent communicator, enabling her to make progress with ease.  Overall, Kim is highly experienced, highly effective, highly reliable and committed to ensuring the best outcomes for her students.

Mrs P Harris, Assistant Headteacher:

Kim is a true professional who puts the interest of her students first. She is an inspirational teacher whose high standards ensure that every student she teaches makes transformational progress. Her dedication, commitment and knowledge are second to none. Have no doubt that your child’s English education will be in safe hands if you are lucky enough to secure Kim as your child’s private tutor.

Mr V Green, Headteacher:

Kim is an outstanding practitioner who has achieved great outcomes with students at A level, GCSE and in other year groups during her 14 years working at our academy. She has been a well respected member of staff by peers within the English Department and across the school. Kim is meticulous in her planning, preparation, delivery and assessment of English and has helped many fine teachers new to the profession. Students enjoy learning in her lessons.

Joshua, student:

I have had Kim as a one-to-one teacher for a little over a year now. During this period, she has taught me amounts of information and skills that I had not previously imagined I was capable of. While she teaches the content that is necessary, Kim also places high importance on providing her students with the essential skills that they will more than likely later require to decipher texts by themselves rather than being reliant on recalling notes from memory. Kim’s teaching is of an excellent standard, but so is the relationship she builds with her students. She maintains a very professional image while still building a strong rapport with her students, ensuring they are aware of their capabilities and the clear steps they need to follow in order to achieve their best. In this respect, Kim centres her lessons very much on adapting to the needs of her individual students – both their strengths and weaknesses.

Amelia, student:

Kim is an amazing teacher. At the beginning of Year 11, I was so unconfident and felt as though there was no hope for me. Throughout the year, she would do research on how young people learn best, and she would work with us to see which technique was best for each student. She gave up her own lunch breaks to work with the class. She really cares for each and every one of her students. Kim has perfectly mastered the ratio of discipline and friendliness. I looked forward to every lesson beacuse she made everyone in the class feel comfortable. Without Kim, there is no way I would have walked out of my exam smiling. She is a caring, smart and talented teacher. My analysis skills were awful, and within 7 months they improved. She worked with me and never gave up on me. I’m so grateful to have had her.

Dana, student:

Thank you so much for teaching me over the last two years. You have helped me to find a love for literature that I never really knew that I had; now I’m going to study it at college and I’m so excited. All of this is because of how much you’ve inspired me, and I’m so grateful that I had you as my tutor!

L. Hadlington, teacher and colleague:

Having worked with Kim for nearly six years, I can say that she is a fantastic teacher; she has helped me develop my own teaching since being my mentor and through subsequent years.  She is a dedicated, patient and creative teacher, who helps students in her own time as well as in lessons. The approaches she uses with learners are engaging and varied; she is always producing new ways to approach a topic and helping shape other members of staff with the support she gives to them. I have used many of the resources she has produced over the years and the ones displayed on the site; I have seen the progress of both my students and myself increase. Her time as an examiner has been valuable to staff and students and this has been used to further help our students across Key Stages.

Vicky, student:

Kim is extremely supportive and a very understanding tutor; she is an expert in her subject. She has a strong passion for English and will provide you with appropriate tuition methods for your needs. Her tuition is always beneficial and filled with meaningful content. She ensures that you are receiving the best quality tuition possible, guaranteeing you the best possible grades. As well as her exceptional lessons, her kind, friendly nature will make you feel comfortable and at ease.

H. Henderson, teacher, colleague and ex-student:

Kim is a diligent, dedicated and meticulous teacher. I have known Kim as both a student and a professional and her qualities are numerous. Her subject knowledge is second to none, and her strive for perfection is infectious. As her former student, I can definitely say that she had an incredible influence on my education and helped mould me into the person I am today. She is a wonderful person who has an amiable personality. She is trustworthy and uses many different methods to engage her students. These methods are exciting and they allow students to make rapid progress towards their potential. She is a fantastic educator and makes a huge difference to the students she works with.

Madison, student:

Kim is a brilliant tutor. She is dedicated to her job and shares her passion for literature. She does her best to make literature interesting for students and she is well educated within her field. Kim is everthing you could want in an English Literature tutor.

Mr and Mrs Hadley, parents:

We would just like to say a big thank you to you for teaching our daughter English last year. She talks about you all the time and, through her, it is clear to see that you are a very dedicated teacher, as well as an excellent one. Our daughter didn’t have a good start at school and it’s taken most of her school life to build her confidence up and to believe in herself. We, as her parents, know that you have made a bigger impact on her than any other teacher she’s ever had, and so, we are very grateful to you. Thank you so much.

William, student:

Thank you for all of your help in English. You helped me a lot to get my grade and I’m happy that I got a B.

Callum, student:

Thank you very much for all of the help and support you’ve shown.

Nikita, student:

Thank you so much for being a great teacher over the last 5 years. I have really enjoyed my time studying for GCSE.