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  1. My daughter found these cards invaluable when revising for her GCSE English Literature last year. They definitely helped her to achieve a higher grade than she’d been predicted !

  2. These flash cards are really useful and provide a perfect revision tool for anyone studying Macbeth as their GCSE Shakespeare play.
    They can be used by character or theme and not only provide a useful quote to learn, but the all important explanation of what the quote shows and how this can be applied in the exam.
    Macbeth is not the easiest text for some students to comprehend, but these are clear and concise and, because they are flash cards, are perfect to use for short 20 minute revision sessions.
    Highly recommended and well worth the money!

  3. My daughter found the flash cards extremely helpful when revising for her English Literature GCSE last year. They really helped with her revision sessions and her confidence in her knowledge. She felt that they helped her to achieve a much higher grade than expected – would definitely recommend.

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