English Elephant Tuition: Frequently Asked Questions

Who will tutor my child?

A qualified teacher of English will provide one to one tuition for your child. With over 14 years of experience of working with students between the ages of 11 and 19, DBS clearance and extensive examiner experience, you can be confident in their professionalism, subject knowledge and expertise.

Who might benefit from private tuition from English Elephant?

  • Students from Year 5 to Year 13.
  • Students preparing for KS2, GSCE or A-level examinations.
  • Young people lacking confidence within English; those who need encouragement or support in their progression. It is easy to switch off when we find something difficult; within a classroom, it is easier for students who feel like this to hide or disappear behind their peers.  However, in a one to one session, they can be fully supported and receive the positive reinforcement they need to fulfil their potential.
  • Quiet or shy young people. Research shows that it is the students who contribute to class discussions and activities who make the most rapid progress.  Unfortunately, many young people are anxious or daunted by the idea of making these contributions in front of their classmates; thus, they miss out on valuable learning opportunities.  In one-to-one sessions this is not the case.
  • Reluctant readers. Reading is a key to success and progress within English. However, some children need support or encouragement to develop and enjoy reading; we can provide this.
  • Students who are not making progress in conventional classroom settings.
  • Young people who have recently moved school or missed school time and, therefore, find they have missed key areas of the curriculum.
  • Home-educated learners.

What is taught during a tuition session?

  • First sessions ordinarily include activities which enable assessments to be made by the tutor. These may include students completing specific tasks and sharing their own views on their strengths, weaknesses, preferred learning styles and interests. This informs the tutor’s planning for future sessions. Parents and students will be provided with a personalised learning plan following the first session, detailing planned actions and activities.
  • Depending on the individual needs, preferences and priorities of each student, tuition sessions can teach: essential Literacy skills, vocabulary acquisition, reading skills, crafted fiction or non-fiction writing, revision skills, essay writing and exam preparation and strategies.
  • Unless agreed otherwise, homework will be assigned at the end of each session. Obviously, success and progress is directly affected by the level of effort and engagement demonstrated by students in sessions, in school  and at home.
  • Learning plans will be updated and parents will be provided with a summary of the session. Strategies and areas in which parents can continue to support students will be outlined also.

When can tutoring take place?

  • Sessions are offered on evenings and weekends, in order to fit around each students’ school day and commitments.
  • Some sessions may be available during the school day for students who may require this.
  • Sessions are 1 hour long and take place on a weekly basis.
  • Longer or more regular sessions may be available on request, particularly in the run up to examination periods.
  • A regular, prolonged teaching relationship is recommended. This is reflected in our fee structure.

Where does tutoring take place?

  • Sessions take place in the tutor’s Stourbridge home. Parents are welcome to join the sessions. This allows all resources and study material to be on hand as it is required. However, sessions may be arranged in your home depending on location and availability.

The dates and times of sessions will be arranged at the point of payment and are non-refundable.