Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

Key Stage 4: How can a one-to-one tutor help my child?

Students in Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) are facing increased pressure in the run-up to GCSE examinations.  Tuition can address individual weaknesses, support in a focused manner, aid revision and exam preparation and increase confidence.

  • Improve and support English progression.  One-to-one sessions focus on the specific needs of individual students.  Whether your child is falling behind, struggling with a specific area of study or would simply benefit from a boost, personal English tuition can support their progression and achievement.
  • Provide parents with the tools and understanding to support their child at home. As the study of English becomes more in-depth, it can be difficult to offer support at home that you may want to. Equally, understanding what examinations are asking your child to do without the full understanding of this can be difficult. Parents can share in sessions if they choose, and feedback is always given at the end of every session so that parents and students alike have a sound understanding of the path, purpose and progress of tuition.
  • Support the completion of homework tasks and projects. Even as students are growing into young adults, they may sometimes need help to complete homework tasks. When struggling, it can be all too easy to give up – and, as busy working parents, it can be difficult to offer all of the help you may want to.  English and Literacy tuition sessions can support students in the completion of homework tasks within English and Literacy across the curriculum.
  • Revise and prepare for GCSE examinations. Tuition sessions are provided by a tutor with extensive examiner and teaching experience; English and Literacy tuition can support students in exam preparation and teach revision skills and exam strategies.
  • Avoid negative progression following long school holidays or throughout the duration of long courses of study. Over long school holidays, such as the summer break, students can forget or lose some of the skills they have built throughout the year. This can be particularly detrimental for those who are already struggling or working towards GCSE examinations. Additionally, with students studying for English GCSEs across two or three years, the importance of on-going and consistent revision has never been more significant. Regular one-to-one tuition, including holiday sessions, can support children in maintaining their skills and developing further in an informal, enjoyable way. Thus, supporting continual progress.
  • Personalise learning to support and engage all learners – even the most reluctant. Students learn best when they are engaged and understand the relevance of teaching to them. One-to-one English and Literacy tuition can provide exactly what your child needs in both respects; thus, helping them enjoy learning and progress.