Key Stage 5 (A-Level / resits)

Key Stage 5: How can a one-to-one tutor help my child?

Students preparing for A-Level examinations – or those preparing to pass their GCSE qualification in re-sit examinations – may need additional support. One-to-one English tuition can support their progress.

  • Improve and support English progression. The increased challenge in subject matter and independence at A-level can be a stumbling block for even the most capable of students. One-to-one tuition can help students to bridge the gap between the supported structures offered within secondary schools and the independence of study expected at college and university. Equally, for those re-sitting, individual attention and support from a tutor with extensive examiner experience can help address specific areas of weakness.
  • Provide parents with the tools and understanding to support their child at home. As the study of English becomes more expert, it can be difficult to understand how to support your child in their education. Feedback is always given at the end of every session so that parents and students alike have a sound understanding of the path, purpose and progress of tuition. Also, in order to support parents’ understanding of areas of study, parents can share in sessions if they would like to.
  • Support Non-Examination Assessments. Students are expected to complete Non-Examination Assessments for some specifications. While this should be independent work, tuition sessions can provide support and introduce strategies to aid them in doing this.
  • Revise and prepare for A-level examinations and GCSE re-sits. Led by a tutor with extensive examiner and classroom experience, tuition sessions can support students in their revision and exam preparation. This is particularly helpful where course material has been covered over a period of two or three years. In these instances, it is crucial that students continue to revise and consistently revisit prior learning. One-to-one tuition can support them in doing so.
  • Avoid negative progression following long school holidays. Holiday tuition sessions can support students in maintaining their skills and developing further in an informal, enjoyable way. Thus, giving them the best start to each new school year and building on progress consistently across their course of study. For those studying between Year 12 and 13, on-going, consistent learning is vital. However, access to teaching staff is limited in the summer holiday period. One-to-one tuition can bridge this gap.