Semantic field: fearless / brave / defiant

To help you work it out:

  • What is each picture showing?
  • This is an adjective; how would you describe the characters depicted in each image?

Answer: audacious

  1.  To be willing to take big risks. (eg. The audacious explorer stood atop the mountain.)
  2.  To show a lack of respect. (eg. The audacious theft.)

Origin: from the latin ‘audac’, meaning ‘bold’ or ‘daring’

Audace: a musical term denoting a bold, spirited direction

  • To form the adjective + ‘cious’  (because the root word ends ‘ce’) = audacious
  • To form the adverb + ‘ly’ to the adjective = audaciously
  • To form the noun + ‘ity’ (because you desribe a state of being) = audacity

How could you use each word in a sentence?