Working in Partnership with Schools

English Elephant is able to offer a range of services to schools.


Examination marking and / or moderation

Marking the new specification GCSE exams are creating an increasingly heavy workload on teachers within English Departments. Increasingly, schools are looking for creative solutions that allow them to focus their time and attention on working with students themselves. Additionally, ensuring the accuracy of assessment is of key importance when tracking student progress and ensuring appropriate support is place for each child.

As an experienced examiner for both English Language GCSE and English Literature GCSE, Kim, the English Elephant tutor, can offer an accurate and reliable marking and / or moderation service to schools.

This can include:

  • Creating standardisation material
  • Providing departmental standardisation and training
  • Marking exam papers for whole classes and / or cohorts, providing examiner annotations
  • Marking exam papers for whole classes and / or cohorts, providing ‘next steps’ for students
  • Writing examiner reports for whole classes and / or cohorts
  • Creating data and populating sheets calculating ‘Working-At’ grades based on examination data.


Intervention Teaching

For students who are underachieving, a more targetted approach may be necessary.  Intervention sessions can be targeted at small groups, whole classes or individuals.  Key skills or examination skills can be taught as required by the centre. Sessions can be arranged on a one-off basis, or more regularly if required.


Revision Sessions

The new GCSE course requires students to build skills and understanding over a longer time-period. Therefore, revision has never been more important.  Revision sessions can give students the opportunity to revise and understand the requirements of the exam.


Supply / interim teaching

In cases where a key class is in need of a subject specialist due to staff shortage, or where there is extended staff absence, cover teaching or interim teaching can be arranged.

Contact English Elephant for more information on these services.