GCSE English Literature

A two-year course, teaching the necessary English Literature and exam skills required for GCSE English Literature (AQA).

Taught by Kim, a qualified teacher and examiner, the course is split over 63 weeks.

What is included?

  • 63 live, online lessons taught weekly during term time (60 minutes each).
  • Weekly homework tasks marked with written feedback.
  • Access to examples of well-written answers from other children.
  • Access to lesson resources.
  • Lesson recordings available to view throughout the course to allow for revision and flexible working times.
  • Learning support videos and resources to support the analysis and understanding of the texts studied, supplement lessons and help with homework. 
  • 2-3 hours of directed learning activities each week during term time (comprised of 1 hour long lesson + homework and preparation time where needed). 
  • Termly mock (optional)

How much does it cost?

English Elephant Tuition offers different payment options to suit your needs. All payments are non-refundable.

(2023 – 2025)
Option AOption B
Deposit (Payable when enrolling)£661.50£328.50
Monthly payment£22
Number of months18 months
Cost per lesson£10.50£11.50
Total course fee£661.50£724.50

What texts are studied?

Autumn Term 1: A Christmas Carol

Spring Term 1: Macbeth

Summer Term 1: Unseen poetry

Autumn Term 2: AQA Power and Conflict Poetry

Spring Term 2: An Inspector Calls

Summer Term 2: Revision and exam skills