What people say about English Elephant Tuition

Sharon: parent of child in iGCSE group and 121 tuition

I have used English Elephant and recommend Kim to all my friends. Regular homework is set and she gives appropriate next step feedback. Her live small group lessons are fun and extremely well managed in my view – in fact she’s better than any other live tutor we’ve used at both encouraging anxious speakers to participate and gently dealing with chatterboxes. Both my boys enjoy her lessons and as a parent I value her well organised portal with all the lesson recordings and class materials easy to find.

C: parent of child in iGCSE class

Can I just say that over the last two years you have single-handedly restored my child’s faith in the teaching profession..! I think every teacher they have in the future is going to be compared to you as the gold standard! My child has felt really heard and supported in your classes, and although there have been some rocky patches, you have never given up on them, or pushed them, or been disappointed in them, but just met them where they are and accepted that they are doing their best. I honestly can’t overstate how important this has been and how much of an impact it has had on my child.

Adeline G: I am a parent of a child in an iGCSE class

Both my daughter and I are reeling after GCSE results and her gaining a 9 in English Language. Such a huge surprise but largely down to Kim’s excellent teaching (as well as my daughter’s efforts on exam day of course!). I had withdrawn my child from school following a number of bad experiences. English had become a real challenge for her following a year with a teacher who had chipped away at her confidence telling her she ‘couldn’t write well’ or that she wouldn’t score highly in her exams. I was apprehensive about online classes. I wasn’t sure they were right for my daughter or would provide enough individual support to help her rediscover her ability. I was wrong. I was often busy in the background so had the opportunity to listen in on Kim’s classes. Kim was kind and compassionate, humorous yet firm, managing the online class extremely well – it quickly became a favourite of my daughter’s. Doing the syllabus in a year meant there was quite a lot of work – two hours a week of classes and the same of homework, more in the run up to the exam. The feedback from Kim on homework was superb and this was a contributing factor to our high exam grade. My daughter understood what she could do to improve on her work but significantly, had positive feedback for what she had done. The exam revision sessions Kim did were also invaluable; I was astonished at the depth of notes produced giving the students insight into what they needed to do to get top grades. When she started revising my daughter had a very clear picture of what to revise and some strategies for revision. I genuinely cannot fault English Elephant Tuition – a superb service at a very reasonable price, offered by a knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. Thank you so much Kim.

Clare, Parent

My son was not confident with English at all and I was struggling to find ways to help him. His ability has grown so much since he started having lessons with Kim.

She makes the lessons fun and given him the skills he needs which helps across the board in all the subjects he is doing.

He is now moving up to iGCSE classes and there is no way we would be doing this without Kim’s excellent teaching.

Thank you Kim.

Louise, Parent

My daughter didn’t enjoy English when she was in a school environment and so when she started homeschooling I knew this was going to be the biggest challenge! After a few false starts with courses and programmes that just didn’t work, we’ve now found something which she actually enjoys! Thank you Kim, we’re looking forward to moving to GCSE next year!

Sophia, Parent

Being more mathematically minded, my son has always disliked and often struggled with English. Since starting KS3 English lessons with Kim, not only does he enjoy the lessons but I have also seen him flourish! We hope to continue the journey through to GCSE. We highly recommend Kim! 

Kate, Parent

Kim has given my son confidence in his ability and the one to one interaction allows him to consolidate the learning he receives at school. She makes the lessons interesting and bespoke to his needs allowing him to develop his skills. We are really pleased with how he has progressed and would thoroughly recommend Kim.

Samira, Parent

Both my sons have flourished in Kim’s classes. They have smiles on their faces from the beginning to the end, as a parent it is so lovely to see.
My eldest has been with Kim for all of KS3 and has now started GCSE and he has progressed so well with Kim.
She’s so bubbly and friendly, and a great great tutor.
Highly recommend

Cat, Parent

Kim has been absolutely fantastic – there is no other word for it! She is so flexible around the needs of each individual child, and has been amazingly supportive when my child has suffered with anxiety around lessons. I can’t recommend highly enough!

Natasha, Parent

My daughter enjoys Kim’s live zoom classes. She joined Kim’s key stage 3 class at the beginning of our home education journey in 2021. We wanted a tutor who was passionate about the subject, encouraging and provided constructive feedback. We are so pleased we found Kim!
Our daughter is in her first year of the GCSE AQA English literature programme. She values the analysis videos and recordings that Kim provides. We recommend Kim’s classes to anyone.

Elizabeth, Parent

Kim is a talented teacher, and her courses are delivered with infectious enthusiasm. We have had the good fortune to work with several talented inspiring tutors . For us, what makes Kim exceptional, is her organisation and reliability. All classes start and finish on time, and none have been cancelled. All lessons are very well prepared, so there is a stimulating sense of pace and time is never wasted with IT problems, out of date slides, unclear instructions, repetition or interruptions . She manages classes of very mixed abilities with great confidence , challenging the most able and nurturing the least confident throughout each lesson. Homework tasks are set after every lesson, and are always clearly communicated; though when my daughter or I have wanted further advice, the response has always been very fast. I’ve never come across an English teacher who gives feedback on homework so promptly, every single week, and I feel this has had a big impact on my daughter’s progress and confidence . The courses include all aspects of preparing for the exam, including full syllabus coverage, exam technique, revision tips, and invigilated mocks. Kim keeps up -to-date with info from exam boards etc, and keeps parents informed of this and their children’s progress through clear concise emails. There is no need to check up on her, she really does do everything she says she will do! After her first lesson, my daughter said “I think I’m in safe hands” and we’ve continued to feel that way all through. The group courses are excellent value for money in my opinion, and we have really appreciated being able to book occasional additional one-to -one sessions for extra help on areas where my daughter is under-confident.


Despite the fact that English isn’t one of my favourite subjects, I really enjoy the lessons with Kim – working towards an English Language iGCSE has been made a lot easier with all the extra videos and detailed explanations, not to mention the feedback and access to exemplar work from other students.

Keeley, Parent

My daughter has been working with Kim in a KS3 group class, since we began Home educating nearly a year ago. My daughter had very little confidence in English, coupled with her dyslexia, she found the subject a tricky one. The way that Kim teaches, in a friendly approachable manner has really helped her to feel like she can join in, and ask questions, without the fear of getting it wrong. She has found the content that they have being studying, genuinely interesting and engaging, even looking forward to the homework tasks that are set at the end of the lessons. The small groups that Kim teaches, has allowed the opportunity for my daughters voice to be heard. Her abilities and confidence in English have come along leaps and bounds and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kim as a tutor.

Clare, Parent

Since starting tuition with Kim both 1:1 and KS3 class my son’s confidence and understanding has improved significantly.
Kim gives him clear strategies for improving his writing style. He has been learning how to analyse different styles of literature and develop his creative writing skills.
She is warm and friendly and he enjoys both the classes and his 1:1 sessions with her.
We intend to continue until he has taken his iGCSE.

Helen, Parent

My daughter was a late arrival in Kim’s Eng Lit GCSE class after another provider let us down at the last minute. It’s turned out brilliantly. Kim’s lessons are well-planned with a clear course structure so my daughter knows exactly what to do to prepare for each lesson, and what to do for homework each week. Kim is really responsive to emails and gives prompt and helpful feedback on homework. I’m so glad the other provider didn’t work out and we found English Elephant instead!

Louise, Parent

Our daughter had English sessions with Kim during year 11 to help increase her confidence and boost her engagement in both English language and literature. Kim developed a very good rapport with our daughter and she made excellent progress during her sessions. Overall, we were delighted with Kim as an English tutor and would thoroughly recommend her.

Student, 1:1 Tuition

Kim is an excellent tutor.

Supported through such difficult times of Zoom due to Covid.

I am extremely grateful that I passed my English Language and Literature with Kim.

I gained my confidence to sit the exams which I wasn’t confident at all due to missing so much of school due to isolating. Thank you Kim xxx

Student, live online iGCSE English language group

When I started IGCSE English Language with Kim English was my 2nd least favourite subject because I found I didn’t grasp concepts properly. However with Kim’s amazing teaching skills I was able to grasp what I was doing and grew to love English thanks to Kim! I attained a 7 in English at the age of 14 and would never have been able to achieve that if I didn’t start with Kim.

Diana, Parent

Kim is an excellent teacher. She has made such a difference to our son’s understanding of the iGCSE English Language syllabus and his confidence in the subject has really grown with her help.

The analysis videos that she has made for each text are extremely detailed and Kim’s online lessons guide the students through the course, thoroughly preparing them for the exams.

We are so pleased to have found Kim and I whole-heartedly recommend her tutoring to anyone who needs support with this subject.

Rinku, Parent

Kim started tutoring my son towards the end of Year 12. He was struggling to even hit Cs.

Kim created a tailored structure for him, and went through each text in such depth and detail. He started becoming more & more able to deal with the rigours of English Lit A level.

Kim was amazing in every which way: she cajoled, inspired and instilled confidence in him, making him believe that he could achieve and, guess what, he did.

He’s just had his A-level results A*, he was achieving D & E before Kim started tutoring him.

She’s been beyond amazing.

I literally cannot say enough about her, or even praise her. Nothing I can say will ever do justice to what she has done for my son. She simply has turned him around. I can not recommend her enough. I just wish I had more children that she could tutor!!!!

Cheryl, Parent

Kim is an approachable, endearing and passionate English teacher, who delivers relaxed and informal small group classes:including the KS3 Home Ed group – which my daughter joined at the beginning of 2019.

My daughter’s course began with “Speeches to change the world” and I loved how this inspired her to research and write passionately about interesting topics: single-use plastics, healthy eating, added sugars, gaming, alcohol, black rights, etc. The class also analysed the speeches of Martin Luther King and Greta Thunberg.

The next term’s theme – “Shakespeare and Comedy” – went on to develop her understanding of the plots, characters and language used in the plays “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Much Ado About Nothing”, and then how these relate to modern RomCom films: “27 Dresses”, “Love Actually”, “Bridget Jones’ Diary”, etc.

Currently, the class is studying “The Hunger Games” book and exploring how the author uses language to set the scenes, portray the characters and form the plot; thus developing their own creative writing skills.

Not only have I noticed a huge improvement in the quality of my daughter’s writing, but also in her understanding of the world and general maturity. She looks forward to her weekly online lesson and also puts in a lot of effort when studying independently on the (optional) homework assignments.

I love the high-level of communication that Kim creates with both her students and their parents.

She offers positive and constructive feedback on submissions, as well as continuing to ensure that each child is placed in the most appropriate class.

I can whole-heartedly recommend English Elephant and expect to be continuing with this provider for English Language and Literature iGCSEs.

Thank you Kim!

Jo, Parent

My son started Year 10 worried that the amount of exams feeling his English GCSEs were overwhelming & impossible, yet by the end of the two years moved up 2 grades in both English Literature and Language. Kim’s a knowledgeable and experienced teacher.

She has an excellent understanding of the grade boundaries and each piece of work is assessed against these to track progress and focus on weaker areas. From the outset she found a way to connect with him to give practical techniques to improve his skills. Kim has a wealth of up to date revision aids that my child felt was fun and helpful thanks to its manageability and concise combination of key points to remember, analysis of language, form, structure. My son truly felt that such revision was vital to his successes since Kim broke the work down into sizeable chunks that allowed him to progress smoothly.

Naz, Parent

Kim has definitely had an impact on my son’s learning.

He looks forward to the classes, which are engaging and thought-provoking.

I have seen an incredible progression in his writing and analytical skills. I can’t reccomend her enough! Thanks, Kim!

Laura, Parent

I thought I would give Kim’s lesson a try with my son who I newly deregistered from school and all I can say is ‘wow’. She really interacts with the kids, and the work my son is now producing shows how much he enjoys the lessons.

I couldn’t recommend Kim enough; it is the best decision I ever made.

Sarah, Parent

Both my son and daughter love Kim’s classes and look forward to them each week.

They’ve both claimed that English is their favourite out of all of them, and I’m really happy with their progress. Kim’s feedback and communication is prompt, clear and professional. I’ve recommended her many times and will continue to do so.

Martina, Parent

Kim is an amazing teacher.

She engages the children and knows exactly where they are and what they need. I can’t recommend her enough, she has been amazing with both of my children. My kids are excited to attend her classes and have grown in confidence

Sabrina, Parent

Our daughter is currently doing the KS3 online classes with Kim.

Kim is a fantastic teacher, our daughter finds the lessons engaging and is thoroughly enjoying them.

We would highly recommend Kim and we have signed up to the next block of lessons with her.

Chloe, Parent

I have found Kim to be an exceptional tutor – caring and positive, always available for help and advice.

She is a encouraging but never pushy. My daughter suffers with anxiety and often struggles to get involved with discussions or answer questions – Kim allows her to go at her own pace. Homework is always marked quickly and with great feedback, but she doesn’t complain if not completed on time, or at all! (which is very helpful for us as it reduces stress). Kim ‘checks in’ regularly to see how things are going and seems to genuinely care. She clearly has a great knowledge in English Language and Literature and supports home education. I would absolutely recommend her as a tutor.

Kirsten, Parent

My daughter is doing Kim’s KS3 course.

She has never been particularly interested in English but she’s really enjoying it now!

Her confidence has massively improved in the last half term and she genuinely loves the lessons. The read along videos that Kim makes to accompany the lessons are really helpful, and the classes are friendly and fun.

Rebecca, Parent

Kim tutored my son Charlie for a few months before his GCSE. She was amazing .

Charlie’s target from school was a 3! Charlie got a 5, and that was because of Kim.

What she did in a few months was amazing. My only regret was not finding out about Kim earlier. Thank you, Kim. Xx

Alison, Parent

Kim is an amazing tutor who helped my daughter achieve what she needed to get those vital GCSE results. She gave her the encouragement that she needed & the help to make her feel she could do it & pass with flying colours. I totally recommend her as she is amazing !

Thanks to Kim my daughter passed with amazing grades, way more than she was predicted at school !

Thank you Kim we really do appreciate it x

Fiona, Parent

Kim is an exceptional tutor and highly recommended.

Our daughter started having fortnightly lessons with Kim at the beginning of Year 11. GCSE exams were fast approaching and and she was achieving 4’s and 5’s in school tests, not the minimum Grade 6 required to pursue her dream of a career in medicine. She had lost subject confidence and didn’t believe she had the ability to do well in either English Language or Literature. In a relatively short time Kim completely turned this around. Kim seeks to understand what motivates (or otherwise) the student and how they learn best, and tailors her lessons to the specific needs of the student. This together with an impressive arsenal of tools and techniques to draw upon makes Kim an exceptional tutor who is able to unlock the students true potential.

The proof they say is in the pudding, and in this case the pudding tasted very sweet indeed. Our daughter was absolutely delighted to have achieved a GSCE Grade 7 in English Language and an astounding Grade 9 in English Literature. Most importantly, not only did she achieve fantastic GCSE results but she now truly believes in her own ability

Thank you, Kim!

Clive, Parent

My son started English tuition sessions with Kim part way through Year 10. English has always been his weakest subject and consequently he lacks passion and enthusiasm for it. From his very first session I was completely blown away by Kim. She took time to understand what motivates my son, what interests him, what his likes and dislikes are. Kim does not use the typical one teaching approach fits all; all of her lessons are bespoke and tailored to the student. It very quickly became clear that tuition with Kim was certainly money well spent.

My son’s confidence increased and his work quickly improved. He got moved into a higher set at school and feedback from his English teacher was very positive. Kim is an amazing tutor and so patient.

My son actually looked forward to his weekly tuition sessions with her and, whilst he’s not sad that he’s sat his last GCSE English exam, he was sad to have had his last session with her this week.

Tina, Parent

Kim has been amazing.

English has always been my daughters weak point but after having her lessons with Kim she is so much more confident & has learnt so much.

I would 100% recommend Kim as a tutor. Not only is she a great tutor but a lovely person too.

Abby, Parent

Kim is an excellent tutor.

Since attending sessions with Kim my son has grown in confidence and has begun to take pride in his work.

Kim has a relevant and current approach providing a bespoke service for the needs of my son. Feedback is clear and consistent. I highly recommend him and can’t thank her enough.

Gary, Parent

I can’t recommend Kim enough. My son is dyslexic and has Asperger’s, and as a result struggles with English. Although he’s has only been having the tuition for few months, I’ve seen a lot of progress already. Kim puts a great deal of time and effort into preparing for the sessions, tailoring them to my son’s specific needs and interests, making them both informative and enjoyable.

The feedback and updates I receive following the sessions is excellent, and most importantly, my son enjoys the sessions and thinks they help him a great deal.

Both myself and my son highly recommend Kim.

Mrs S Mabbett, Parent and Associate Assistant Headteacher:

I have worked with Kim in a professional capacity for over a decade, and employ her as an 11 plus tutor for my child.  As a colleague, I witnessed first-hand her innovative and engaging lessons.  In her role as a line manager, she was personable, knowledgeable and inspirational. As a classroom teacher, she showed dedication, conscientiousness, passion and was professional at all times.  My child finds her to be patient and an excellent communicator, enabling her to make progress with ease. 

Overall, Kim is highly experienced, highly effective, highly reliable and committed to ensuring the best outcomes for her students.

Mrs P Harris, Assistant Headteacher:

Kim is a true professional who puts the interest of her students first. She is an inspirational teacher whose high standards ensure that every student she teaches makes transformational progress. Her dedication, commitment and knowledge are second to none. Have no doubt that your child’s English education will be in safe hands if you are lucky enough to secure Kim as your child’s private tutor.

Mr V Green, Headteacher:

Kim is an outstanding practitioner who has achieved great outcomes with students at A level, GCSE and in other year groups during her 14 years working at our academy. She has been a well respected member of staff by peers within the English Department and across the school.

Kim is meticulous in her planning, preparation, delivery and assessment of English and has helped many fine teachers new to the profession.

Students enjoy learning in her lessons.

Joshua, student:

I have had Kim as a one-to-one teacher for a little over a year now. During this period, she has taught me amounts of information and skills that I had not previously imagined I was capable of. While she teaches the content that is necessary, Kim also places high importance on providing her students with the essential skills that they will more than likely later require to decipher texts by themselves rather than being reliant on recalling notes from memory.

Kim’s teaching is of an excellent standard, but so is the relationship she builds with her students.

She maintains a very professional image while still building a strong rapport with her students, ensuring they are aware of their capabilities and the clear steps they need to follow in order to achieve their best. In this respect, Kim centres her lessons very much on adapting to the needs of her individual students – both their strengths and weaknesses.

Amelia, student:

Kim is an amazing teacher. At the beginning of Year 11, I was so unconfident and felt as though there was no hope for me. Throughout the year, she would do research on how young people learn best, and she would work with us to see which technique was best for each student. She gave up her own lunch breaks to work with the class.

She really cares for each and every one of her students.

Kim has perfectly mastered the ratio of discipline and friendliness. I looked forward to every lesson because she made everyone in the class feel comfortable. Without Kim, there is no way I would have walked out of my exam smiling. She is a caring, smart and talented teacher. My analysis skills were awful, and within 7 months they improved. She worked with me and never gave up on me. I’m so grateful to have had her.

Dana, student:

Thank you so much for teaching me over the last two years.

You have helped me to find a love for literature that I never really knew that I had; now, I’m going to study it at college and I’m so excited.

All of this is because of how much you’ve inspired me, and I’m so grateful that I had you as my tutor!

L. Hadlington, teacher and colleague:

Having worked with Kim for nearly six years, I can say that she is a fantastic teacher; she has helped me develop my own teaching since being my mentor and through subsequent years.  She is a dedicated, patient and creative teacher, who helps students in her own time as well as in lessons. The approaches she uses with learners are engaging and varied; she is always producing new ways to approach a topic and helping shape other members of staff with the support she gives to them. I have used many of the resources she has produced over the years and the ones displayed on the site; I have seen the progress of both my students and myself increase.

Her time as an examiner has been valuable to staff and students and this has been used to further help our students across Key Stages.

Vicky, student:

Kim is extremely supportive and a very understanding tutor; she is an expert in her subject. She has a strong passion for English and will provide you with appropriate tuition methods for your needs. Her tuition is always beneficial and filled with meaningful content. She ensures that you are receiving the best quality tuition possible, guaranteeing you the best possible grades.

As well as her exceptional lessons, her kind, friendly nature will make you feel comfortable and at ease.

H. Henderson, teacher, colleague and ex-student:

Kim is a diligent, dedicated and meticulous teacher. I have known Kim as both a student and a professional and her qualities are numerous. Her subject knowledge is second to none, and her strive for perfection is infectious. As her former student, I can definitely say that she had an incredible influence on my education and helped mould me into the person I am today. She is a wonderful person who has an amiable personality. She is trustworthy and uses many different methods to engage her students. These methods are exciting and they allow students to make rapid progress towards their potential.

She is a fantastic educator and makes a huge difference to the students she works with.

Madison, student:

Kim is a brilliant tutor. She is dedicated to her job and shares her passion for literature. She does her best to make literature interesting for students and she is well educated within her field.

Kim is everything you could want in an English Literature tutor.

Mr and Mrs Hadley, parents:

We would just like to say a big thank you to you for teaching our daughter English last year. She talks about you all the time and, through her, it is clear to see that you are a very dedicated teacher, as well as an excellent one. Our daughter didn’t have a good start at school and it’s taken most of her school life to build her confidence up and to believe in herself.

We, as her parents, know that you have made a bigger impact on her than any other teacher she’s ever had, and so, we are very grateful to you.

Thank you so much.