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Key Stage 4 iGCSE courses

Online classes for Edexcel iGCSE English Language

  • A two year course to cover Edexcel iGCSE English Language. Teaching will cover Specifications A and B skills and content.
  • Options available for one year courses.

The course is broken down into 8 units taught across the two classes. All 8 units can be covered in one year if children take two classes a week; all 8 units can be covered in two years if children take one class a week.

English Elephant Tuition works in partnership with Tutors and Exams. Together, we support private candidates and distance learners as they prepare for iGCSE examinations in English.

iGCSE English Language Course Structure

The full two-year course is split across 8 units. This allows children flexibility to study at their own pace and get the degree of support that they need while studying iGCSE English Language at home.

It is your choice how, when and which units you study with the support of English Elephant Tuition – and which you study at home. One of the best things about home education is the independence and flexibility it allows families; this is something the course structure is designed to support.

Below are some combinations that might work for you:

Option 1: Join one class and study over a two year period, covering all 8 units of the course.

Option 2: Join two classes and study over a one year period, covering all 8 units of the course.

Option 3: Join part-way through a year and study over a 1-2 year period. In this instance you can choose to take one class a week or two classes a week at certain points of the year, catching up on anything you might have missed due to joining later in the academic year.

Option 4: Join classes for a term at a time to get extra support for areas of weakness or to support revision in the run-up to the final exams.

Please note, places in classes cannot be reserved until payment has been made. Enrolment for each term opens the half term before the start of term (e.g. January term enrolment opens in October half term). Places are offered to children currently enrolled before they are advertised or offered to children on the waiting list.