Terms and Conditions of Booking

Tuition times and dates are agreed at the start of each month. The fee for each month must be paid, prior to teaching, by the first of each month. Payments are not refundable. Should a child miss a session that month for any reason, payment is not refundable or transferable.  Should your tuition session be cancelled by Kim, which is unlikely, the session fee for that hour will be deducted from the next month’s invoice. It is expected that payment is made in full and on time each month. It is expected that children attend tuition during term time each week. Where regular sessions are interrupted by other activities, such as school visits, open evenings etc, the regular session may be re-arranged at Kim’s discretion. In these cases, these must be isolated events and should be agreed prior to payment being made for the month. Regular tuition sessions, if missed, are non-refundable.   

When sessions are booked on a more ad-hoc basis, payment must be made on receipt of the invoice and at least 24 hours prior to teaching.

Payment should be made via BACS using the account details given on the monthly invoice. Without payment, the tuition session will be cancelled, and the regular session slot may be offered to another child permanently.  

Children should attend face-to-face tuition with their own pens, paper and copies of the relevant texts.

It is expected that a month’s notice is given via email when wishing to end tuition.

1:1 sessions are 60 minutes long unless otherwise discussed and agreed. Parents are sent email feedback following the session each week. Homework will be set if required. This will be marked in session time. For online 1:1s, homework should be emailed prior to the session to kim@englishelephant.co.uk.

Online classes are 60 minutes long. Children and parents may view lesson recordings and resources following each lesson in their area of the English Elephant Learning Portal. Homework will be set each week; this is optional and will be marked with feedback from Kim via email. Homework should be emailed to kim@englishelephant.co.uk. End of term assessments and reports will be written for those children that meet submission deadlines only.